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Data Quality can make a huge difference!

So you have a database, a prospect list, lapsed customers or list provided by your marketing department (or client). Before the phone is picked up, it is important to screen the data for known gone-aways (Consumer or Business) & deceased (for B2C). This minimises the risks of potential reputation damage to your brand caused by cold calling inaccurate data.

A second method of improving data quality is to perform landline (or mobile) validation. This process can weed out the numbers that are no longer live, meaning that you can better plan and allocate resources to your campaign, saving staffing costs and minimising wasted calls.

If you have a requirement for HLR checking or landline validation, our pricing starts from as little as £5 per 000, (+vat) call us for a competitive quote on 0203 086 9779

TPS Cleansing available here for only £1 per ‘000 submitted records

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Live Check Mobile Numbers With HLR service from £3 per ‘000 submitted.

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