Business Solutions


B2B Marketing Lists have been supplying quality Business to Business (B2B) contact list since 2010.


As independent brokers we have a number of partners who manage and update their lists regularly, offering the most accurate contact information.


All lists are CTPS and LLV checked, giving you the best opportunity to speak directly to the most relevant contacts.


We can offer multi-channel communications with telephone numbers, emails and postal licensing.


Specialist lists are available, please see the section below for more details 

Available Selections

Geography (including distance radius)

Business Type (all Ltd Companies SIC selections)

Number of employees

Annual Turnover

Job Title/Named Contact

Company has a website

Communication Channel telephone, postal or email

Combine the selections to get you precise list, increase your contact rate using multiple communication channels.

Tailor your marketing lists to your campaign. Select multi-channel communications to increase your sales. We have years of experience helping plan direct marketing campaigns.

Specialist Business Lists


Energy Renewal

Though working with multiple partners we have access to various survey data confirming current supplier, month and year of contract expiry and average monthly usage.

Select by geography, supplier and expiry month. Ideal for energy suppliers and brokers looking to accelerate campaign results.


With the ever growing reliance on technology to do business, we can supply business data with current mobile provider, identify landline provider and type of line (ISDN) and ISP's in some cases.

Combined with employee numbers and number of locations we can accurately target your new customers.

SME & Self Employed

With over 4 million self-employed and small businesses in the UK, we have access to a unique database identifying key contacts.

With business type selection you can target tradesmen, small retail, consultants, etc. directly and efficiently. Ideal for insurance, telecoms and finance products.

Credit Risk Rating

Working with UK's primary credit reference agency we can supply timely and relevant financial information for all companies in the UK.

If you are offering financial products or insolvency advice this data set if for you. Identify companies that are struggling and are in need of help.