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Telemarketing Lists

Telemarketing Lists

In 1875 Alexander Bell invented the telephone, and the rise of telemarketing can be traced back to the 19th century occupations of telephonists, or telephone operators. Trans-cultural hiring in the industry became especially popular throughout the late 20th century and continues today, with B2C and B2B telesales now a proven method of generating business globally.

With selectable criteria of gender, geography, affluence and age groups, you can connect with a large proportion of the UK population.

Our records can be consented for live marketing calls or screened against the TPS register, and mobile records are confirmed live prior to supply*

Whether you want to contact prospects at home or on the move compliantly, we can help. Contact us about your products on , or 0203 086 9779.

*Additional charges may apply.

TPS Cleansing available here for only £1 per ‘000 submitted records

Telephone Preference Service

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Live Check Mobile Numbers With HLR service from £3 per ‘000 submitted.

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