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About Marketing Lists

Targeting New Customers?

When your company choses to use Direct Marketing to promote your products and services, there are many decisions you need to make.

  • Is your campaign to generate sales or product/brand awareness?

  • The communication medium (telephone, email or postal)?

  • How do you process sales (web site or call centre)?

  • What is your budget for marketing and the ROI from your products?

Marketing lists can range from low level information of gender and geography to purchasers of similar products. The more information you require the smaller the lists.

Should you need more highly qualified information, i.e. consumer who have specifically express an interest in purchasing a product, we can offer a lead generation service.

What do I need, Leads or Data?

We often have enquiries from companies who are unsure which route they want to take with their marketing campaign, and are unsure whether they need Leads, Prospects, Lists or Data. A lot of buyers and even vendors use these words interchangeably when looking to improve their campaigns, though it’s critical to get this right for the marketer.

Leads and Prospects

A lead or prospect is anyone who is either:

Ready to talk and “on the hook” for a particular product or service OR A business involved in a project which clearly needs your product or service, or is likely to in the near future.

There are many variations of leads, which include but are not limited to: live transfers, live web form fills, DRTV, Telephone Survey and Radio Ads. The prospect is likely to be already interested in the service you provide and whether they have been pre-qualified by an outbound call centre, or saw an ad on the TV which led them to call in and speak with a representative, or visited your website as a result of a pay per-click ad campaign, they have an interest.

Lists and Data

Lists or Data on the other hand will make you work much harder for a sale, can be anything that is aged, and by aged we mean anything that is more than a few days old up to several years. They will have basic cleansing and formatting performed, may have one of the contact methods validated and frequently have missing information.

They are also likely to have been originally interested in a separate product or service, and may have been collated and aggregated through multiple channels, including web research.  You can purchase aged data that at one time or another started out as a lead. Some call centers sell their aged live transfers as lists. This can be good if you are getting them at the right time and they aren’t that aged. Remember when purchasing aged live transfers or something similar, someone has already pitched them their product or service; they are not exclusive.

What is your budget?

If your budget is high and you want to get more “bang for your buck” then leads are definitely for you and should prove more beneficial for your company.  Leads cost a lot more than lists but, if done properly, will provide much more immediate results. Pricing on leads is normally on a Cost Per Lead basis (CPL) and can vary dependent on how they are generated and which vertical they are for. Pricing for leads is usually in excess of £0.50 each and can range up to £500 for an extremely highly qualified leads; lists on the other hand are priced based on a cost per ‘000 model (CPM) and will be a fraction of the cost of buying leads, anywhere from £10 per ‘000 for bulk unfiltered data, through to £500 per ‘000 for extremely fresh and high quality lists.

Are you doing lead generation or sales?

If you are a lead generation company, chances are you want data. It is commercially difficult to buy leads for your reps to re-qualify then sell as leads to your customers. The only times you should buy leads is if you are either:

A: A company who sells direct to the end user, or;

B: A broker who sells to the end client.

Lead generation companies nearly always purchase data as opposed to leads. It does not matter what you pay for leads or lists if your Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) allows you to make enough profit. We have seen companies spend pennies per record do very well, and companies who spend a couple hundred per lead do just as well; what is most important is that you make sure each and every contact count.

Contact with your specific campaign requirement to discuss your options.

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